International Semantic Web Challenge (ISWC) 2021
Proposed challenge

How can we run the Wikidata FAIR paper query without using Wikidata SPARQL endpoint ( ?

Participants must demonstrate how they can obtain the same results from this query by using federated techniques. The only data services authorized are: Virtuoso SPARQL endpoints from Bio2RDF and Elasticsearch index with JSON-LD documents from, where each needed datasource will be made available (DOID, GO, Wikipathways, etc.).

Two tasks are proposed :Using federated SPARQL query that will consume Bio2RDF’s endpoints.
Using any programming approach that will consume Kibio’s Elasticsearch indexes.

The solutions proposed will be benchmarked for speed in a controlled environment using docker images. In the second phase of the competition, participants will have to run a small set of unknown queries. The team with the fastest solution for all the queries will win.

Will REST JSON-LD APIs do better over SPARQL endpoints ? We will see.

More information about ISWC: